'The world is a stage and I want the brightest spot'

David Lee Roth





'Dam everything but the circus!'

Cortina Kent





'The gods were very much like circus performers. They could do extraordinary things' Tony Hernandez




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Catapult Festival will be back in 2016,
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Who's Who Catapult 2014

Who's Who?

Profiles of forum and workshop presenters, performers and other fabulous people that will appear in 2014. Watch this space as we release details of who will be attending! 

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Catapult 2014 Registrations are OPEN!

For information or to register, Click Here!


Circa is coming!


We are able to confirm that, thanks to Playing Australia, we will have CIRCA in residence during Catapult 2014. CIRCA will be an intergral part of Catapult in 2014, performing 46 acts in 45 minutes & S during the Festival. Some of the performers will also be offering workshops and the touring cast will be our guests at the festival. 


46 acts in 45 minutes will be offered to the  public and festival delegates for FREE on Saturday 12th April during Catapult at the River. 


Catapult Festival delegates will also have the opportunity to see S at the incredibly discounted price of $15 per ticket on Thursday 10th April, 2014.


The 2014 Catapult Merging Emerging Artists Project with CASUS.


Just as exciting,  thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts and Local Stages, we are once again able to offer  the Merging Emerging Artists Project.


The project will be slightly different for Catapult 2014. We will be calling for emerging circus and physical theatre artists betweem the ages of 16- 24 years to be nominated for the project. These artists will need to have a short solo piece act/piece ( 5-8 minutes) that they have been working on....or have thinking about working on.


We are looking for young artists who are serious about persuing a career in this industry.  


The 4-5 emerging artists selected for this project will be hosted in Bathurst to work with CASUS for 5 days before the festival. They will be working with CASUS to develop and/or expand their solo piece and will perform this work during the Catapult Festival


Nominations for this great project will open soon.



Flying Trapeze Centre & Catapult


The lovely crew from the Flying Trapeze Centre (Flying Trapeze Australia)  want to come to Catapult and they are bringing their rig and their youth troupe with them.


Over the next few months we will be chatting with Steen and Holly to figure out the best way we can work with them to offer you a great flying experience during Catapult!